A Letter To My Long Distance Best Friend

When I was younger, my best friend Marissa and I sat in our pajamas all night long playing “would you rather.” Would you rather is a game where one person presents the other with two choices; the individual that was asked the question must pick which response sounds more appealing to them. For example, would you rather move to Los Angeles or New York City? But, as a little girl giggling with her BFF over a silly game, I never imagined saying goodbye to her. As graduation approached Marissa and I were tasked with the question: Would you rather go to college or choose another path? Marissa is exceptionally talented and creative and decided to go to cosmetology school where she could bless the world with her skills, and I chose to pack up my bags and move to Athens, Ohio for college. I am currently still attending school, and Marissa has since left our tiny hometown and moved away to Brooklyn, New York. Saying goodbye to Marissa was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. You may think it’s difficult to say goodbye to your SO of a year, but imagine your life-line of 15 years moving approximately 530 miles away from you. So here is a letter for anyone who has a long distance best friend.

To my long distance best friend,

We may no longer reside in the same towns, but that does not mean you haven’t made a home in my heart. Just because we do not talk every day does not mean I do not miss or think about you. With growing up comes goodbyes, but this goodbye is not forever. In fact, because we don’t live close-by anymore, I am given the excuse to visit and explore the new places you roam. The time we spend together now is so much more special. Remember, whenever you’re feeling broken or want to say hey, I’m just a phone call away. I hope your new-found friends and lovers give you all the affection and attention you deserve. But, don’t forget I will always and forever be the OG. I am proud of you for taking a leap to reach the stars and chasing after your dreams. I know that eventually, you’ll end up exactly where you want to be. Even though you may not currently be physically present in this part of my journey, our old memories and new memories to come will still beautifully fill the pages of my life story. I’ll never forget us singing at the top of our lungs in the car, or you comforting me as I cried over my first heartbreak. I want you to know, no distance could keep you from being my best friend and I am so grateful you have blessed my life. As corny as this quote is, “side by side or miles apart, friends are forever close to the heart” (unknown).


Your BFF