A Letter to My Best Friend

You taught me to catch a flying ball when I was a highly uncoordinated 12-year-old; I taught you to enjoy shopping malls. You were the star of the softball field, the lacrosse goal-scorer, and a very sought after point guard in basketball. I was the one figuring life out through  reading magazines, playing dress up, and jamming to pop music. Later on, we kind of switched places ...  you were the one with the radical social life and all the friends I wish I actually had, and I was the one who got to brag about a varsity letter.

While you are still the tomboy version of me with a million times more energy, I still continue to get dressed up for any occasion. We’ve definitely influenced each other a lot, but we never stopped being ourselves. When you call me from 800 miles away, you sound like the same girl I knew when life was all about lemonade stands and running away from home. You keep me strong when I have problems, and you give me advice. And for you, I am always there if you need a set of ears come trouble with your other friendships and other life struggles.

It’s hard to believe it was so long ago when I met you at the age of six at our town’s public library. You were only five and were sitting in the kids’ arts and crafts room, coloring your first and very intricate rainbow. You seemed so young to me, but you moved on with your life and years after countless sushi dates together, here you are about to start a career in teaching tykes much, much younger.

Though we are far apart in distance and future careers, these GIFs (hopefully) indicate just how grateful I am for you:

I’m grateful we become besties all over again when you call me.


I’m grateful you understand me.


I’m glad you still make fun of me.


I’m happy you remind me that I’m still the same person I’ve always been.

I’m impressed that you act more mature than me, being younger than me.


I’d be nowhere without your wisdom.


I’m happy that neither of us are obsessed with competing with everyone.

I’m glad that you are waiting for me wherever you are.


I’m happy that you miss me …  


… And I miss you so, so much!!

Hopefully I can come visit you soon, and take care hun!