Lauren Owen: Serengetee Rep

Meet Lauren Owen, a Serengetee rep at Ohio University!

What is Serengetee?

Serengetee (prounced sair-in-ge-tee not ser-enge-tee) is a philanthropic company that shares the world with you one pocket at a time. Those pockets consist of fabrics from various countries, where a percentage of the proceeds go back to help a global cause, which includes poverty, education, animals, health, arts & culture, and the environment!

It was started by three college students, Jeff Steitz, Ryan Westberg, and Nate Holterman, when they were at Semester at Sea their junior years. While they all went to different colleges, they decided to work together and create Serengetee in 2012. Over the recent years, their company has expanded immensely to even having high school and college representatives to help spread the word about Serengetee.

What else besides awesome tees does Serengetee sell?

Yes, their pocket tees are awesome. Some of the other general products they sell include 5-panel hats, formal button-downs, backpacks, headphones, and hoodies. Also, with their Black Friday promotion they launched headbands, beanies, bracelets, cosmetic cases, bags, and even pillows. Apparently, Serengetee more than doubled their profits over Black Friday!

How did you become a Serengetee rep?

Honestly I hadn’t heard of Serengetee until my friend mentioned that she was a rep for them over the summer, only because I asked her about her pocket t-shirt she was wearing. I decided to look up their website,, and saw a link to be a campus rep. I basically applied online and waited about a month until I got my notification email that I would be a Fall Campus Representative for Serengetee!                                                                                  

What do you do as a representative?

I am basically a social media marketer for them. This means I like and share Serengetee’s posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So we are basically supposed to spread the word about Serengetee to our fellow classmates so that the revenue for the company increases, which means more money is being sourced to other countries and those organizations that sponsor and create the patterns for the pockets.

Oh, and there are several other campus reps just like me all over the United States. In fact, there are only two Serengetee reps this fall at Ohio University, Shelby Elswick and myself.

What’s your favorite pattern or print?

I don’t really have a favorite pattern because I find it hard to like just one when there are several patterns from several different countries. To me it’s more about supporting that organization behind the pattern and their story, so I guess right now all of them are my favorite. However, if I had to choose, because I have this obsession over elephants, I would have to say Midlands, which is produced in Zimbabwe.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Well my time as a Serengetee rep this fall is soon-to-be over, I mean unless I apply again for the spring season, but I had a lot of fun. However, I hope that this experience will help me in the future with my marketing skills and just reaching out to various target markets once I get into my career.

Don’t forget that you could become a Serengetee rep next season, so go apply if you’re interested! #WearTheWorld #ChangeTheWorld  


Be sure to follow Lauren on Twitter @laureno185 and check out everything Serengetee has to offer at and on Twitter @Serengetee!