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The Key to Independent College Living

Finally! You’re an upperclassman, and you get privileges like living off campus and taking easy credit classes. But along with the perks of being an upperclassman come priorities such as internships, jobs, bills and more. Responsibility is key when it comes to your final years as a college student. Mainly, you need to become independent.

We all know peers who still rely on their parents for everything, have never put a bill in their name and go through life with the aide of those around them. Think about it. Could you be one of them? Being an upperclassman in college means that soon you’ll be a working adult, expected to know the ropes of
day-to-day life. You can’t expect your parents to get you a job right after graduation (even if they did help out with that internship). If your job requires you to relocate, it would probably be best to know how to set up utility bills or read through a lease (you may end up living by yourself).

It may seem as though I’m being a bit harsh or blunt, but this is exactly what we all need to hear. It’s time to grow up, collegiettes! After being on my own throughout the summer in my apartment and paying my bills, I realized that I’m glad I had to figure things out on my own. After all, once graduation rolls around, mommy, daddy and roommates aren’t going to be there to hold my hand. Becoming independent is what college is for. Just as high school prepares us for college, college prepares us for the real world.

So you may still have a year or two left of this wonderful college experience; but I advise you to think ahead. Plan for the future. Growing up is definitely an unsure process, but the time is now. Maybe talk to roommates and parents and see if there is something you can take more responsibility of. Learn how to do your taxes by yourself, pay half of your phone bill, make a decision (whether it be educational, financial, or social) without considering asking your parents first. Small steps turn into huge leaps at this age. Although family and friends are always important, in the end–and quite possibly the next few years–the only person you must rely on is yourself.

Junior Journalism major and Junior editor at Ohio University.
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