Kanye & Kim K's Surrogacy

For the last several weeks, there have been rumors flying around about the Kim and Kanye, otherwise known as Kimye, surrogacy. This would be the famous couples’ third child and reporters are saying the woman carrying their baby girl is three months along (Intouchweekly). Supposedly, the surrogate already has two children of her own and this is not her first time carrying someone else’s child. According to InTouchWeekly, rumors state this mystery woman, whom the two are keeping a secret, is in her late 20s and was referred to the couple by their agents. People are saying the Kimye is paying the mystery woman $45,000 in ten $4,500 monthly installments. Not only that, the couple evidently had her sign a contract regarding a strict diet they want her on.

(photo courtesy of etonline.com)

However, Kim spoke out about the surrogacy rumors and personally denied them. She told Entertainment that she hasn’t confirmed anything and she doesn’t know where these rumors are coming from. People also said Kim K looked pregnant in her Vintage Versace dress on the red carpet at the Harper’s Bazaar Celebration of Icons in New York City this past week (aol.com). Kim turned down these lies via snapchat. 

With all these rumors, who knows. Maybe they want to keep the surrogacy a secret for as long as possible? I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to find out!  

(photo courtesy of Kim’s instagram)