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John Casey


Name: John Casey


Major: Marketing Economics


Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio


Class: Senior


Relationship Status: Forever Alone


Campus Involvement: Intramural football, American Marketing Association, works at 

BW3s, Stevens and Broney’s


Favorite Athens Bar: Stevens


Favorite Drink: Guiness


Favorite Athens Memory: I can’t really limit it to just one…but this summer was definitely a great time. 


What he looks for in a girl: I just like a girl that I can kick it with and have fun…just something effortless. Obviously you have to be attracted to the person, but from there as long as she isn’t batsh*t crazy she’s usually ok.


Ideal First Date: I don’t know…you don’t want to know how long it has been since I actually dated someone. Probably something simple though, maybe take her to Stroud’s to just hang out and chill. 


Go-To Pick-Up Line: Hi, my name’s John Casey. That’s usually all it takes. 


Best Quality: I’ve been told that my personality is both my best and worst quality.


Worst Quality: Aside from my sarcasm, I’d have to go with my flabby back. 






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