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It’s Netflix Binging Season!

Winter break is nearing and that means one thing to me: Netflix. It is finally time to binge watch every Netflix series you can think of, and catch up with those you’ve hated to neglect. Here’s a list of some of my all-time favorite shows (and yes, I have a lot):

1. Stranger Things

Although at first this show just seemed straight up creepy and weird to me, I ended up getting hooked on it. With both seasons (yes, season 2 was just released), both have a total of 12 episodes. Totally binge-worthy. I finished the first season in a total of 5 days, and I don’t regret a second of it. The actors are super cute and super talented, and the show will keep you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

2. Vampire Diaries

Another show that I wasn't’t too sure about, but ended up falling heads over heel in love with. Every single character in this show is straight up beautiful and I have yet to decide if I am Team Damon or Team Stefan. If you don’t know what that means, you should, and you should watch. 

3. Shameless

How can you not love Shameless? The show is hilarious, and so totally stupid. I find myself laughing out loud, by myself, at every single episode. Frank is quite the character and I can’t help but have a crush on Carl. Watch this one for some good laughs (and maybe even a few tears!)

4. The Fosters

If you’re looking for a show to warm your heart, you’ve got yourself a winner. Almost every episode had me in the feels and the show never seems to get old. This show is totally binge-worthy and will definitely make you appreciate things a bit more.

5. 90210

Talk about BINGING. I can’t even tell you what it is about this show that has me hooked, but I finished this series (of 5 seasons) in about 3 weeks straight. Something about the unrealistic drama and fairy tale lives that keep me wanting more.

6. Nashville

Alright, so maybe this show isn’t on Netflix, but it IS on Hulu. I recommend making a Hulu account for this specific show. If you’re a country music fan of any sort, this is the show for you. Also, gorgeous characters and a plot line that will definitely get you hooked.

7. 13 Reasons Why

So this show only has one season as of now, but I completely finished it in a total of 2 days. If you’re looking for a show to make you cry, you’ve found the one. This show has a super heavy plot and does a great job, in my opinion, at portraying the deeper meaning. Rumor has it that a second season will be released soon!

8. Younger

Okay, another Hulu show, but another one that is WORTH IT. If you were ever a Hilary Duff fan, you’ll absolutely love her comeback in this show. With totally hot characters, to a humorous plot, this show reeled me in right away.

9. Life Unexpected

This one isn’t exactly popular or well known, but I’m super glad I found it. Cute plot, cute characters and a super great show. Definitely puts you in your feels, and restates the true meaning of family.

10.  Pretty Little Liars

You just can’t go wrong with a little bit of Pretty Little Liars. So the plot can get annoying, but I promise that if you stick with it like I did, you’ll be happy with the outcome. And who doesn’t love the liars super trendy outfits!?

Disclaimer: One Tree Hill will always be my #1, but unfortunately they decided to kick that off Netflix. Their loss.


















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