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The anticipation of the inauguration had been growing inside of me for months. Still, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I witnessed it on my tiny smartphone screen. The past month has been filled with moments that will be burned into my memory for many years to come, and I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Instead of focusing on the negative memories, however, I wish to recap the joyous moment that took place just after 11:30 a.m. on January 20. 

I was standing at work with my coworker and friend, watching the inauguration on her phone, between helping customers. As if time had stopped, we watched Kamala Harris, in her beautifully crafted outfit, put her hand on the Bible and begin the process. Words cannot accurately describe the feeling of joy that I had while watching her, but I think “empowered,” comes extremely close. Without realizing it, I felt tears running down my cheek, and upon looking at my friend, I noticed she had the same. 

Not only was this a momentous scene for American history, but it was also an influential scene for fashion students everywhere. The monochromatic styles of Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Vice President Harris, and the Biden family were outstanding. Jill Biden’s sky blue outfit was crafted to convey confidence and hope. The shades of purple worn by Michelle Obama and Vice President Harris displayed a symbol of power and royalty. These powerful women used their outfits to reflect the world’s emotions that day. 

I would like to give a quick speed-round shoutout to Lady Gaga, Amanda Gorman, Jennifer Lopez, and of course, style icon Bernie Sanders. Gaga sported a beautiful red skirt with a golden pin of a dove carrying an olive branch – a symbol of unity and hope of the future. Amanda Gorman, the 22-year-old poet, wore a beautiful yellow Prada outfit and simultaneously broke the internet with her incredible poem. Jennifer Lopez wore white Chanel, which deserves a shoutout alone for not damaging the dazzling white, a feat which I, myself, would have pulled off in no more than five minutes. Finally, Bernie Sanders. His mittens were made out of recycled plastic bottles and repurposed wool sweaters. They were a gift from a school teacher in Vermont, and they matched perfectly with his tan jacket. 

It is a strange feeling, watching history being made in front of your eyes. It is an even stranger feeling when the history that is being made shows future generations of women that, quite literally, anything is possible.

Anna Birk

Ohio U '23

Anna Birk is a third year journalism news and information student at the E.W Scripps School of Journalism. Anna is a Promise Scholar, writer for HerCampus OU and Copy Editor for VARIANT Magazine. In her personal life, she is an avid lover of coffee, sustainable fashion and music. She loves learning new styling tips to help the environment and economy. Check out her Pinterest or Instagram (@annaebirk) or personal twitter account - @theannabirk!
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