Ideas for Dating on a College Budget

In college, it seems as if everything has suddenly become extremely expensive. After having to cough up dough for textbooks alone, you start to really appreciate the value of a dollar. It starts to appear as if you have no money to do anything else besides school-related activities.

Almost everyone would agree that dating can become expensive. Trying to impress someone while not breaking your bank becomes a challenge when you have so little cash. To try and help with this problem, I’ve come up with a few ways you could get the most out of your rendezvous without going completely broke the next day. 

1. Netflix and chill

Okay, get your head out of the gutter. You can totally have a Netflix and chill date without getting seriously intimate (unless you’re okay with that). But if you’re still just in the courtship phase, this may be a good idea. It gives you a chance to bond over a movie without costing you the price of a movie ticket. 

2. Go to a school game

This is one of the more classic date ideas. Don’t take a school game for granted. Not only do you both get to cheer on your school team (Go bobcats!), but you also get do some serious connecting through that shared interest. And if you’re not exactly sure about how the game works (I know I’m not alone), use it as an opportunity to converse more with your date. Not only will you learn some new information, but he’ll love feeling as if you care enough about his interest to ask. Double Points!

3. Go ice-skating

A lot of people may take this one for granted, but the Bird Arena offers lots of recreational and freestyle skating time for people not part of the hockey team. This is a great time to laugh at each other and practice those figure eights. 

4. Walk around and explore town

Have you ever noticed how many places you’ve never noticed until walking past the area again? Why not make a date out of it? This is far from boring when you both can compare places like those around your hometown. It can lead to some pretty stories. For a bonus, you can go inside some stores and find some cool vintage pieces. Athens is full of unique things. 

5. Go to a concert

The performing arts series puts on various concerts and plays throughout the year. It can be relaxing and exciting to go to watch a concert or play with a date. You can both sing aloud when the chorus hits, or laugh at the characters being presented in the play. Definitely worth the fuss. 

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