I Hate Pumpkin Pie, But I Love Pumpkin Flavoring

Recently on campus, I’ve noticed colorful leaves, cold weather, and an abundance of girls in oversized sweaters and yoga pants. These three things tell me that fall is finally here. Fall is an exciting time of the year because everything seems more vibrant in color, and we get some great holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, the one thing I’m not looking forward to this fall season is people trying to shove pumpkin pie down my throat.   

I think pumpkin is a wonderful flavor, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t stand pumpkin pie. It’s cold, mushy and unappetizing. Bring on the pumpkin roll, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin ice cream, but don’t bring pumpkin pie anywhere near me. I don’t understand why practically everyone I know loves pumpkin pie when it tastes like a soggy, dirty sock.

It’s not even November yet, and all I see when I go grocery shopping is aisle after aisle of pumpkin pie. I understand that people like to eat it even when it’s not Thanksgiving, but why? Why would you put yourself through eating that garbage? I get that it’s a tradition to eat pumpkin pie and what not, but I think some traditions are meant to be broken. 

I have completely valid reasons for disliking pumpkin pie. First of all, the crust tastes like dry cement. I don’t care for the professional chefs that brag about how flakey and buttery their crust is because all crust tastes the same. When you add tasteless crust to a squishy filling, it tastes even worse.

Maybe I’ve been eating the wrong pumpkin pies in my life, but the same basic ingredients go into the filling of every pie, so I think my point in criticizing the taste is acceptable. What I really don’t understand is the texture. It’s rubbery, odd and downright nasty. Pumpkin pie filling reminds me of baby food puree, and I think I’m old enough to handle solid foods at this point in my life.

Instead of celebrating good ol’ pumpkin pie this fall season, let’s try switching it up a little and enjoying other pumpkin treats as the new normal. Like I said earlier, pumpkin roll, cookies and ice cream would all be fantastic options. We all deserve more than baby food puree pie.   

(All photos courtesy of Giphy)