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I AM THAT GIRL (IATG) is a new organization on campus at Ohio University that aims to empower women and create a space for women to connect with others. It began late fall semester in 2015. The President of the group is sophomore Kalee Nielson. She is the sole operator and instigator of the group. IATG is an international, non-profit organization that began in 2008. The main goal of the group is to promote women to be self-loving and be their true selves. The chapter at OU is comprised of roughly 15 girls. The number of members has been fluctuating due to the recent winter break and the need for more awareness on campus about IATG. This semester the group aims to create a Leadership Circle comprised of positions in order to make the group have more of an influence on campus.

IATG’s message to the world is to create a community where women can feel a sense of togetherness by being vulnerable with one another and help to raise the standards of kindness in the world.

I personally am an active member of this organization and encourage anyone who is interested to join. During the short meetings something truly magical happens. The formality and light conversation quickly fade and take the form of deeper and much more meaningful conversations about our personal experiences. It sounds strange, but coming to a meeting and experiencing it firsthand will be sure to create a feeling that is unforgettable. I AM THAT GIRL meets Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in Tupper Hall, room 204.

“All any of us want is to be seen to be heard and to belong.”


"Some women become engulfed in the fire while others become it" Freshman at Ohio University- Strategic Communication Major with focus on Marketing and Fashion RetailI enjoy reading books by successful women, power chai's, laughing, savoring the holidays, being with my loved ones, writing, and horses. 
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