How to Spend Spring Break in Athens

Winter Break Pt. II is approaching. As a third-year student, I have noticed that Ohio University’s spring break always inconveniently falls around the first week of March, or as I like to call it – the dead of winter. Like many other students with no money and a part-time job just off campus, I am tied down to Athens during the much-needed break.

                Some of your friends might be jetting off to Cancun or the Bahamas, but there is no need to be (completely) envious! While the Ohio weather is much more likely to be frightful than delightful, there are many gems in Athens to explore during your down time. If you don’t feel up for exploring, there are still other things to do in the comfort of your home to make this spring break one to remember.

Photo by Paige Bennett

1. Take a hike!

The hills of Athens lend themselves nicely for exploration. Get out of your stuffy apartment and head to Sells Park off of East State St., or travel outside of Athens to Strouds Run or Hocking Hills for plenty of hiking opportunities.

Photo from Brown and Coconut

2. Catch some Zzz’s

Midterms are over and sleep deprivation has hit an all-time high. What better time to catch up on your beauty sleep than Spring Break? Sleep all day, every day and hit the second half of the semester refreshed and ready to go.

Photo from Tech Insider

3. Netflix and chill

Literally. Bundle up in a blanket and turn on that new series everyone has been talking about. With no classes the next day, you don’t have to worry about binge watching until 4 in the morning. Fall asleep. Wake up. Repeat.

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4. Spring cleaning

Hold your groans and grumbles. If you take the first day or two of Spring Break to get the sweeping, dusting, and organizing out of the way, you can enjoy the rest of your break without having to look at clutter.

Photo from Splendid Table

5. Master chef

Frozen pizzas and boxed mac ‘n’ cheese is SO last semester. Since you don’t have to rush to class right after lunchtime, take some extra time to cook a tasty, nutritious meal. If you aren’t much of a chef, take this spare time to teach yourself some basics. Your taste buds will thank you.

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6. Get your grub on

If you scorch your first homemade dinner, have no fear. Athens has so many restaurants on and off Court Street for you to try. The best part? Most people have gone home or to a beach for break, so you can take advantage of short wait times wherever you go.

Photo from Share Baby

7. Give back

Whether you donate items you find after spring cleaning, or you give spare time to volunteer around Athens, giving back to the community is a feel-good opportunity for all involved.

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8. Put yourself out there

Take a walk along the bike path or along Court Street. Smile and say hello to strangers. The Bobcat family is a strong network, so get connected with some new people. Plus you already have something to chat about: the fact that you are both missing out on the beaches but absorbing every second you can at your hOUme.