How To Rock Business Casual

When it comes to job fairs, interviews and everything in-between, having a solid business casual outfit that you feel confident in is key! Here’s the perfect way to build your outfit from head to toe:

  1. 1. Hair

    While not a clothing item, having your hair neat and tidy will ensure it doesn’t get in the way while talking to a future employer. A hairstyle with your hair out of your face or pulled back might be the best move.

  2. 2. Shirts

    A nice blouse is a perfect move when it comes to a business casual outfit. When looking at shirts, think more conservative over something like a plunging neckline. Make sure that a buttoned shirt fits properly to avoid the “gape” or have fashion tape and safety pins on hand to fix any last minute fitting issues. If you pick a blouse without sleeves, remember to find something that will cover your arms such as a blazer or cardigan. And always tuck your shirt in.

  3. 3. Jackets/Blazers

    Finding a “power blazer” can really give you the confidence needed to nail an interview. While wearing a jacket or a blazer isn’t necessary for every business casual occasion, it can really push the outfit up a notch and make you stand out.

  4. 4. Pants

    Having a solid black pair of dress pants that fit well is the perfect building block for every business casual outfit. Black pants will go with just about every shirt and it is the perfect background for fun patterns.

  5. 5. Shoes

    Make sure you finish the look with a pair of shoes (typically closed-toe ones) that you can comfortably walk in. My go-to is a pair of flats because I know that I can wear them for a long time if needed.

If you’re in need of a business casual outfit, think about visiting the Career and Leadership Development Center Career Closet on the fifth floor of Baker University Center. They accept donations of gently used clothing that you can try on and take home as your own.