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How I survived break without my boyfriend

Some fortunate Bobcats create a strong connection with a significant other during the fall semester, but then the time comes that they have to separate for a month and spend that time with family. They go from being a 5 minute walk away to a couple hour drive or even a flight across the country. How do they keep the spark during the cool, wintry break? I talked to some Bobcats to find out.


How far apart are you and your boyfriend?

2 hours.

Did you get to see him at all, and if so, how long/when/where?              

I visited him for 3 days about a week into break and then he came to visit me in Athens for New Year’s Eve (so a total of 8 days I think). It was slightly difficult because we both have jobs so we had to request off dates and it was a pretty far (and boring) drive to see each other.

How did you keep your relationship working throughout the winter?

We texted/talked on the phone/skyped ALL THE TIME. Whenever we both weren’t working (and sleeping) we called each other on the phone. When we were working, we texted each other on our breaks.

You basically just live your break from countdown to countdown. “4 more sleeps until I get to see you”, “Only a week and a half until I visit”, etc. It makes the break feel so much longer and the visits feel so much shorter. You also have to explain to all of your family members that haven’t met your boyfriend that he is, in fact, real and not made up.


Brooklynn (me)

I met my boyfriend during Santa Fest and not only is it sort of long distance from home, but it’s long distance from here (look out for another article on surviving the spring semester without your sweetie).

How far apart do you live?

We live an hour and fifteen minutes away from each other, so not horrible, but I don’t like driving.

Did you get to see him?

I saw him, on average, 3 times a week, but we would make sure it was for a whole day or at least full evening so it was worth the drive for us both.

How’d you keep it fun?

We texted almost all day, and we used Snapchat a lot. We would plan fun dates like ice skating and going to fancy restaurants to break up our daily routines.

Any tips?

Plan activities, and if you can meet halfway, that is also a lot easier! If you can’t see each other a lot, make the most of the time you can by figuring out what to do ahead of time.



How far apart do you live?

I live in Pennsylvania, and my boyfriend lives in Florida.

Did you see each other over break? If not, how did you keep in touch?

No, we didn’t. Before break, we exchanged our Christmas presents and then we usually SnapChatted thing if they were interesting or funny, like going out with friends or family. Our main way of communication was calling or FaceTime once or twice a week.

Any tips for keeping the loving going strong?

The key to being so far away and still being happy is being able to trust that person and make sure you’re trust worthy as well with distance.


Did you spend break apart from your S.O.? How’d you do it? Tweet us @hercampusohiou!

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