How To Enjoy The Warm Weather At Ohio University

Even though we’ve been having a couple of chilly days in Athens, Ohio — spring is officially here. That means higher temperatures, flowy dresses and outdoor activities. I’ve already seen so many students soaking up the sun with their skateboards on the bike path. I can’t wait to plan exciting, summer activities with my friends. With all the amazing spots around the university campus, here are a few things you can do on the next warm day.

  1. 1. Go biking

    Athens is blessed with a long, well-built bike path. Whether you want to bike into the bushy forest, stick around the dorms or zoom past the Hocking River — the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway covers all these terrains. Pick a hot day, wear some loose, cotton clothes and grab your bike! Don’t forget to keep a bottle of water with you.

  2. 2. Sit under the cherry blossom trees

    Students at Ohio University often organize several activities once the cherry blossoms spring up. The gorgeous stretch of trees along the Hocking River is the perfect pink and white background for your Instagram. My roommate and I are already making plans about going there for a picnic and taking some delicious Japanese snacks with us.

  3. 3. Read in a park

    Emeriti Park behind Baker University Center is a beautiful spot for some afternoon reading. Sit on the grass near the pond and read some poetry between classes. You can also find a good bench and have your packed lunch there in the vicinity of the ducks. You might even spot a stag or two if you get lucky.

  4. 4. Buy fresh, local produce

    The Market on State is slightly far away from campus, but the farmer’s market offers enough unique, local goods that it’s worth a ride. Head there on a Saturday morning to try everything from fancy sorbets to hot-off-the-grill breakfast items. Last time I went, I tried some jalapeno-flavored strawberry preserves and it changed my life.