How To Decorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

We all go through this; moving out of the dorms and into an apartment or house. That is where I am at in my college career. I have a couple more weeks of the dorm life and this summer I will be moving into an apartment. How exciting! Having my own place, own bedroom and even a kitchen where I can cook. This is all exhilarating, but as many of us are aware; we’re broke. With little money, I was contemplating how I could make my home cute and affordable. I did my research and discovered these 12 ways to spruce up my soon-to-be apartment.

1. Here’s a super inexpensive idea and one I never would’ve thought of: using wood pallets to create a bed frame. If you are into the rustic chic look maybe this idea is for you.  

2.  Do you enjoy planning ahead  and writing down your schedule? You can create a reusable calendar with a frame and paint swatches that you can get from Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.

3. If you love to take pictures, but don’t want to spend money on several frames, try getting some string and clothespins!

4. If you love make-up and realize that all of your products are scattered everywhere - you can do this little DIY project! This is so cute, I’m definitely going to do this.

5. I found this idea to be creative, tying lights around an old ladder. Again, very rustic chic and adorable!

6.  This next idea is a little time consuming. It’s something I never have thought of but very appealing! Rip out pages from magazines and make them into wall art!

7. Turn waste baskets into side tables!

8.  Go outside, grab a branch, get some string and pins; hang it up on the wall and use it as a jewelry holder!

9. Buy a pipe to hold your blow dryer/straighteners!

10. Use a wood crate to holder blankets or pillows.

11. Don’t want to put your shoes on the floor and want to save some space? Get a hanging shoe organizer!

12. Last but not least, decorating your bathroom. If you have a small storage place under your sink and it’s filled with the cleaning supplies, grab a basket or pail to hold all your toilet paper rolls!

I know it’s time consuming, but get creative and save some money!

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