How To: Conquer Big Little Reveal

Big little reveal is one of the biggest sorority events, next to recruitment that is. As a big, there’s a lot of stress, crafting and a ton of sleepless nights spent making sure everything is perfect for your little. All of this work is for a short event mainly held to take a bomb Instagram picture. Don’t get me wrong, big little is important and is a lifelong commitment, but the reveal itself is short-lived. Here is some advice to conquer the event.  

Anticipate a Little  If you are a newly initiated member from the previous pledge class, it is best to anticipate that you will be getting a little. Over the summer, spend time looking through Greek Life apparel sites, window shopping and mentally planning what to buy your little. Even purchase some items you think you’ll want to give them if they’re small. Odds are you will find a little, and having gifts purchased ahead of time helps so much. 

Break Down the Crafting  Do not, I repeat, do not try to do all the crafting in one or two nights. Instead, set aside a few hours every day for the week before the reveal to shop, decorate the canvases, customize the Greek letters, make the basket and paint any last minute crafting items. Make sure to allow enough time for the paint to dry to make layering and perfecting designs a possibility. Everything will take at least twice as long as you think, so don’t procrastinate…

Make the Basket Legendary  Each chapter organizes big little reveal slightly different, but either way there’s usually a huge gift basket the big hands down to their little. This can be stressful and overwhelming. Here’s a list of ideas to put in the basket. And bigs, don’t forget that g-bigs can help with gifting too!

Hoodies, t-shirts, hats, etc. (sorority oriented) Cups, decals, key chains, etc. (sorority oriented) A blanket  Canvases, cute signs, customer Greek letters (Pinterest is your friend here)  A lavalier and pin box  A family tradition  Wine glass, picture frame and other cute niknaks  Typical girl products: lotion, bubble bath, coffee mug, etc.

Hilarious and Cute Fam Shirts These can be made with press on letters or ordered online or even at some stores! Doing a big little shirt and extending it to the g-big, gg-big, aunties is so much fun and helps those Insta likes come flying in.

Get Excited  The process can be stressful. Most sorority girls use the term mom for bigs and grandma for g-bigs, and the truth is this is only slightly exaggerated. Becoming a big is becoming a best friend and mentor in one, or basically a mom. Between the prep time and crafting, it is a big time commitment, but earning the best little is worth it. Don’t lose sight that being a big means being the light of a younger sister’s life and earning a lifelong best friend.