How To Change Your Halloween Costumes Due To Weather

Living in Ohio means it's sunny and 75 one day and 50 and raining the next. This can cause a lot of trouble when it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costume because as much as you want to plan in advance, you never know how the weather is going to change. This has happened to me plenty of times in the past, so here are my tips and tricks on mastering Halloween with crazy weather. 

My freshmen year I was little red riding hood. I knew for sure I was wearing a black dress and a red hood, but the rest of the costume really depended on how the weather was. Obviously, a dress and a red hood were perfect if it was going to be warm, but I couldn't count on that in Ohio. If it was going to be super cold, my plan was to add tights and a jacket to the costume. This is a super easy fix to any costume that's fit for warmer weather. Pick out your costume and then find pieces you can alter in or out like a jacket or different shoes to fit whatever the weather is going to be. Normally, you have these things in your closet so it's super easy and you won't have to pay anything else. 

My friend wanted to be a lifeguard one year, but it ended up being super cold. She swapped her shorts and put on leggings instead and added a white jacket over her swimsuit. The costume still looked super cute and she was warm all day!

My sophomore year Halloween was super rainy. My friend and I wanted to be "Netflix & Chill" we had made cute shirts and got matching skirts, but it ended up being 30 degrees and super rainy so our costumes were definitely a no go for the day. We needed to do something last minute, so we decided to find something we each had in our closets. We both had cheetah ears and black sweatshirts and pants. I luckily had two cheetah scarfs we could each wear. We drove to Walmart and found cheap 5 dollar cheetah shoes. We didn't want to just be two cheetahs though, so we found a way to make our costumes more unique. So we made ourselves into Beanie Babies. This was super easy to do! I just printed out the Beanie Baby logo and glued it onto construction paper. I thread a string through the paper so we could wear the logos around our necks.

This was the perfect way to make sure our costumes were still creative and cute and this costume is still my best last-minute Halloween costume. People loved the creative spin on it and it’s a costume that I can use for years to come. 

Hopefully, my past experiences with the Ohio weather can help you when preparing for HallOUween this month.