How to Avoid Sickness in a Sorority House

1. Take vitamins
Mom has been telling you this for years, and yes, she is right again. Your body does not always get the vitamins and minerals it needs, especially since your food is coming from mass production or a drive thru. Adding a multi-vitamin to your daily routine will help your body fight off colds and keep you strong. I recommend Vitafusion’s Women’s Complete Multivitamin gummy for the kid in all of us.
2. Get some fresh air
Open your window and allow outside oxygen to relieve your room of pent up, stuffy allergens and bacteria. It’ll automatically make you feel better (and get a better night’s sleep!) and you’ll see a difference in no time. Also, leaving the house will keep you away from germs of those around you. Go for an early morning run or late night walk to get a pure oxygen boost and kick start or cool down your day.
3. Make time to de-stress
From the never-ending cycle of all-nighters, working in the dining halls, sharing a small space, and planning socials, you can almost pull out your hair by the handful. Stress from all the commotion in your life can wear down your immune system, causing colds to come quicker and stay longer. Try your best to make an hour of “me time” every day to enjoy yourself, whether that means taking an extra-long shower, finishing yoga with Namaste, or browsing Her Campus articles for a good laugh. Decreasing the stress in your life will ultimately increase your health and happiness.
4. Use soap and water
Now this is a given, but you would be surprised how many people do not actually wash their hands after sneezing or going to the bathroom. Germs are the most prominent on your hands, so give them a good scrub, while singing Happy Birthday, to prevent the passing and receiving of the sniffles.
5. Keep anti-bacterial sanitizer and wipes handy
Going along with #4, bacteria is easily spread through the hands. Sometimes soap and water aren’t accessible, so store a cute Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer on you for those unexpected sneezes or handshakes to fight germs on the go. Use anti-bacterial wipes to rid disease from door, sink, and refrigerator handles, as well as everything else that you and others may come in contact with. A 99.9% bacteria-free life is a healthy life.
6. Exercise
This might not be exactly what you want to do with your busy schedule, especially if you already feel sick, but exercising boosts your body’s immune system and helps you sweat out colds that might be present or waiting to attack. Going for a quick jog or attending a piloxing class in the gym will kick the butt of those pesky colds and help you look and feel better.
7. Catch some Zzz’s
Your body needs to refuel and regenerate after long days of hard work, so make sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This gives your body time to relax and get ready for the next day. Sleep is vital in keeping you healthy, so let your mind and body rest to avoid sickness in your sorority house.
Stay happy and healthy, fellow Collegiettes!