How to Avoid Fatigue on Campus

We all have those days or even weeks where it seems as if no matter how much sleep you get, there is just not enough to make you feel energized. Here are some ways to get that energy back that you need.

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1. Take vitamin C

Sometimes if your immune system is weak you could potentially be getting a cold or something else that is making you feel tired. Taking vitamin C well help fight off those bugs.


2. Drink green tea

Not only does green tea have some caffeine to help you make it through the day, it is also good for you. It is full of antioxidants and nutrients that help your body in many ways.


3.Make more time for yourself

You could be tired from being so busy. Try taking some time for yourself and relaxing and binging on some Netflix, sometimes we all need a recovery day to end a busy week.


4. Working Out

 This may sound opposite of my last tip but sometimes working out helps get you feeling better and more energized. It can make you happier as well as make you more tired which could lead to a better sleep.


5. Eat a more balanced diet.

 Food is important because it dictates how we feel. If your diet is not well balanced you could be feeling the effects. Try making subtle changes to your diet at first and then work your way into larger diet changes


Hopefully, if you are feeling down some of these will help you gain that much-needed energy back.