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Homecoming in High School vs. Homecoming in College

Story by Victoria Pishkula

Homecoming is one of the best weekends of any academic year. In high school, it was a week long spirit week followed by a few hours spent dancing in a hot gym, but in college, the game changes.

Even though the idea behind Homecoming is the same in college and high school, many aspects of it change. Here’s how:

1. The Parade is Actually Important

In high school, no one pays attention to the Homecoming parade, and many towns don’t even have one to celebrate Homecoming. At Ohio University, the parade is packed with students, alumni, faculty and townies. Everyone comes out to support the community bright and early in the morning.  

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2. Everyone Goes to the Game and Bleeds Green

The best college football game highlight weekend is the Homecoming game — no doubt that OU’s game will be filled with proud Bobcats and lots of green. The game brings lots of entertainment and on a college student’s budget. Whether you’re at the game to watch, eat some food or just catch up on memories with friends, you’re in the right place.


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3. Athens Loves Alumni

Sure, high school Homecomings have a few alum who still have siblings in the district that often show up at the homecoming game, but it meets no comparison to college alumni. Athens will always be home to its students, and there’s no comparison to the love and excitement people have when they’re back on Court Street. Bobcats come back for Homecoming weekend like it’s their job and couldn’t be happier to be back.  Athens will always be hOUme.


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4. Oh Yeah, There’s Still a King and Queen


Colleges still adhere to traditional Homecoming King and Queen traditions, but on a much less political system than high school. In high school there’s a huge rush to be Homecoming King and Queen, and the competition is blown to all extremes. In college, there’s still a King and Queen, but most people don’t make it a live or die situation anymore.

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5. College Students Celebrate on a College Budget

High school dances blow through money fast. From dresses and suits to flowers, nail appoints, dance tickets and more, it’s easy to find yourself with an empty wallet. OU’s Homecoming is a blast with limited expenses spent. Games are free with student IDs and the rest of the weekend doesn’t cost too much either. Even Kegs and Eggs is free breakfast and drinks. It’s basically a college student and alumni’s dream.


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6. The Entire Week is Memorable


No matter the academic level, Homecoming Weekend is a memorable and exciting weekend that should be enjoyed to its max capacity. OU Homecoming is a blessing, and no one will ever regret a weekend spent in Athens.

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