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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With Christmas, New Years, and all the fun winter holidays being right around the corner, it’s also the perfect time for holiday dates! Even if you don’t have that special someone this year, keep reading! These ideas can be great best friend dates too! 

Ice skating

One of the most fun and classic holiday dates is ice skating! Grab your favorite hat and warmest gloves and get on the ice. Even if you’re not the most coordinated don’t worry, it gives you a great excuse to hold your date’s (or your best friend’s) hand! And if you do end up falling, it’ll make for a funny, cute story later. (Bonus points if your date plays hockey!)

See Christmas lights

Whether it be at your local zoo, around your neighborhood, or a special drive-through, looking at Christmas lights is a great holiday date! This one can also be a way to save money if you’re on a budget. Driving around your city looking for lights and drinking hot chocolate is a cheap, but still fun and holiday-themed date. Also, each city usually has some type of Christmas lights event of its own. I’m from Cincinnati, so my go-to is always the Cincinnati Zoo’s festival of lights! 

Making gingerbread houses

One of my favorite things to do with my friends or with my special someone is to make a gingerbread house! Making gingerbread houses is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit, and if you want, get in the spirit of competition! You can each get your own gingerbread house and have your friends, family, or Instagram followers vote on whose is better! A bonus is if you win, you get bragging rights for the whole year!

Matching Christmas pajamas

This one is another one of my personal favs. If you’re looking for fun holiday things to do that don’t require you to break the bank, matching pajamas and a Christmas movie is always a great option. Check out your local Old Navy, Target, or any other store and pick out your favorite set of matching pajamas to wear while you watch a classic Christmas movie. This one is also great if you’re looking for a more chill, relaxed date than some of the others! And a perfect opportunity for some great Instagram photos.

A Christmas gift exchange

The spirit of Christmas is giving, and this one goes without saying, but getting a gift for your best friend or special someone is a great way to celebrate the season with them! Whether it be big, small, homemade, or worth all the money in the world, giving someone a gift is special no matter what. Every time they see it, they’ll think of you!

Lindsey Osterfeld is currently a junior studying journalism, strategic communication, at Ohio University and adding a social media certificate. She is also the Twitter Manager for Ohio U's chapter of Her Campus. When she is not writing or studying, she can be found watching TV shows like Friends and One Tree Hill, and spending time with her friends and family.
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