Her Conference 2016 Recap


Every summer for the past five years, Her Campus hosts an annual “Her Conference” event which takes place in New York City. This event is intended for all Her Campus members who are interested in broadening their connections as they continue through their college years. Her Conference provides a large selection of highly intelligent and successful women who have found themselves throughout their college/career process. Throughout keynotes, panels (specializing in journalism, media, marketing, etc.) and totally amazing guest speakers… I can promise you that if you are Her Campus member (or not), attending Her Conference will NOT let you down (even if that means sprinting several blocks at 8 a.m. in 90°F weather to make sure you don’t miss your bus ride home).

(HCOU Members at Her Conference 2016)


My first experience at Her Conference was a life changing one. Being able to sit in a crowded room full of college girls ready to take on their next adventure just brought me excitement on a whole different level. Listening to the key note speakers and inspiring ladies speak about everything from their journey to where they are now brought me both hope and excitement. The special guest speakers were a whole different story; we were able to hear Andi Dorfman (former Bachelorette and now author), Nastia Liukin (gymnastics world champion) and multiple other voices speak about their journey. Her Conference not only motivated me, but inspired me and reminded me that dreams really can come true and these women proved it.


I had the opportunity to interview a few aspiring young women who also attended Her Conference and get their input on the event. Taylor Stano, the president and one of the Campus Correspondents of Her Campus Ohio University (HCOU) during her senior year and part of her junior year in college.  When asked what initially made her want to attend Her Conference, she said, “for a few reasons. As an alumna, I thought it would be an awesome networking opportunity and a great way to hear career advice from people. Also, it was a fun excuse to get away from Ohio for a little bit and explore New York City. I can't lie that all of the free stuff was another perk of wanting to attend Her Conference.”


Stano attended Her Conference two years in a row.

“I returned to Her Conference because I knew it would be a great way to network, especially since I graduated. I think going to conferences make you step out of your comfort zone and I thought I gained confidence by going to the event. Having one year under my belt definitely helped me branch out even more this past year. It was fun going with friends to the event too!”


Paige Bennett, former editor-in-chief of HCOU, and now a Chapter Advisor for the national team, also attended Her Conference two years in a row. She had great things to say as well.

“I wanted to return because I had so much fun the first year. I was able to make connections with amazing journalists in New York, and I also met other young, inspired women like myself. I can’t say I didn’t also love the free stuff and the chance to visit the city again!”

Rachel O’Morrow, writer and events director for HCOU, attended Her Conference this past summer for the first time. She was extremely inspired by all of the speakers, especially Vanessa De Luca.

“Vanessa De Luca emphasized what she called ‘10 Secrets for Success.’  These included taking risks to take you somewhere new, believing in the power of failure and continuing to evolve in your skill set and mindset. I did not have a favorite speaker! Each engaged with the audience and brought their best messages possible.”


When asked if Her Conference should be recommended to other aspiring young women, Bennett responded with “I learned so much from this experience. I’ve learned how to break into the industry, how to take on your first job, how to climb the journalism career ladder…and so much more. I won’t give away any more info, because I highly recommend for every Her Campus member to attend the conference. I don’t want to spoil the surprises!”

Coming from a first year perspective, O’Morrow  said “I learned more of a mindset and attitude to encompass while at college. I learned how to create the most rewarding portfolio, what interviewers look for, and how to represent my personal brand- presenting myself right. I would recommend this conference for any young women looking to pursue their career and life goals!”

(HCOU members at Her Conference 2016)


I asked these three wonderful ladies what their absolute favorite part of their experience was. They all pretty much agreed that Her Conference helped them learn from the best and that it definitely helped them with their future plans. Of course, the free stuff is always a totally awesome bonus. In Stano’s words, “I felt super confident after the Ulta makeover. A simple touch up made me feel like the ultimate lady boss.”


Not only is Her Conference a way to branch out academically and prepare you for life after college, but also can bring many new friendships and awesome memories to the table. How could anyone go wrong with a free Ulta makeover?!