Her Campus Ohio U Costumes Of Halloween Past

While you have read about all things Halloween costume this past week, we wanted to share some of our member's costumes from past Halloweens and how they went to help you pick the best costume this year!

“Last year I dressed as Ariana Grande. I used a big grey hoodie, hoop earrings, knee-high boots (could be exchanged for inexpensive knee-socks) and a ponytail. It was very successful; super comfy, warm, and even recognizable.” - Madeline Hiros

“I was reputation era Taylor Swift and my roommate was fearless era Taylor Swift. This was a simple and inexpensive costume, I got a black long sleeve shirt and cut it to be a crop and off the shoulder. I wore high waisted black shorts with fishnets and over the knee black boots. I slept in braids so my hair would be wavy and wore dark red lipstick. This costume was comfortable, easy and people got the reference.” - Emma Kennedy

“I was Jojo Siwa last year, I did spend some money because I wanted to go all out so I splurged on the Jojo Siwa collection at Target LOL. But it was so fun and my friends loved it” - Gwen Jones

“I was Little Red Riding Hood. The costume was great for when it got cold because it was easy to stick leggings and long sleeves under! The manipulation for the weather was 10/10.” - Darian Berdysz

“A few years ago I dressed as Snow White for Halloween. I created the costume out of clothing pieces I already owned including a yellow skirt, a blue shirt, a white-collar, and red heels. I completed my look with a red lip and tied a red ribbon in my hair. The costume was very successful and easily recognizable. The only change I would make is swapping the heels for a pair of more comfortable shoes.” - Lindsey Osterfeld

“Last year I was Post Malone for Halloween. The costume was great because I could easily dress for the rainy weather we had. I purchased temporary tattoos for the look which made it so easy to get dressed up. Everyone recognized it too which was a major plus!” - Hannah Moskowitz