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Halloween has quickly descended upon us, and we all know I couldn’t be more excited! Whether or not you have the *perfect* costume, or you’re not quite sure what you’re going to be, these awesome makeup tutorials will be sure to make your night spooky good.

  1. Emma Pickles – Pop art

Her easy to follow tutorial and fun British accent makes this look a breeze.

  1. Shivonmakeupbiz – Pin up

Start around 50 seconds, because the first minute is just her posing into the camera. It’s a weird beginning, but the actual video is really good! Maybe add an eyeliner mole if you want to? It’s all up to you!

  1. CH Beauty – Skeleton

It’s long, but it’s easy to fast forward, and she only uses makeup from Wal-Mart, so it’s easy for OU students to do! Plus, her end product is awesome.

  1. Girlie GirlC – Minnie Mouse

This is a really intense Minnie Mouse, but look at how cute it is when it’s done!

  1. Glam&Gore – Melted Witch

This is really cool! She starts with liner and eye lashes, but it’s easy to see what she’s done. It’s like two in one! She does normal green witch (think Wizard Of OZ), and melted witch.

  1. Jordan Hanz – Harley Quinn

So creepy, so fun! It’s a longer video, but totally worth it!

  1. Shonagh Scott – Sexy Devil

Committed, but wow! Look at how cool it looks. It’s sexy and spooky!

  1. The Makeup Station – 80s glam

Simple yet fun! Good for a last minute costume.

  1. Makeupbyleyla – cat

How cute! A kitty cat that’s also pretty. Think of all the fun pick-up lines you could pull on your crush. Start at 50 seconds unless you just want to see her posing into the camera.

  1. Teni Panosian – Little Red Riding Hood

It’s a classic with a twist! She also teamed up with another YouTube-er to do the wolf. Can you say awesome best friend/couples costume?

Bonus:I’m not a big fan of gore, but this is pure genius.


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