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Halloween Costumes Inspired by Iconic Rom-com Looks

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

Halloween is quickly approaching. In less than three weeks, students everywhere will be finally putting their perfectly planned costumes to use. I have seen countless girls on TikTok discussing how much thought they have put into their costumes, how much time they have spent planning them, and even how many they will be wearing (the highest number I have seen so far is 6)! Picking out multiple Halloween costumes isn’t for everyone… picking out just one costume can be a difficult task! A million questions may plague one’s mind. Is it going to be too cold for this? Am I going to be worried about getting this top dirty all night? Are these shoes going to hurt my feet? Is this unique enough? Is anyone going to know what I am?

If this sounds like you and you have a love for romantic comedies (who doesn’t?), you’ve come to the right place! Why not take advantage of the many iconic looks that romantic comedies have to offer and recreate one for Halloween? I have gathered some of my favorite looks from my favorite romantic comedies.

13 going on 30

One of the most iconic dresses in rom-com history paired with the perfect eye-catching butterfly necklace and you have a simple and gorgeous costume perfectly encapsulating the youthful spirit of Halloween and the beloved Jenna Rink. This costume paired with some epic “Thriller” dance moves is the perfect tribute to the 2004 film.

pretty woman

This costume is another very recognizable one in the eyes of a fellow rom-com fanatic. It also has the huge plus that it can be paired with a red blazer to help beat the cold while staying true to the look. The costume can be worn with the wig or without, just like how Vivian wears it herself! This look will have you singing “Pretty woman, walking down the street” to yourself all night long.

she’s all that

Put on a red dress, pair it with some matching earrings, and you can finally have your staircase moment… just try not to let it end in a fall. This simple look may not scream “costume” to the untrained eye, but walk around playing “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer and everyone will be calling you Laney Boggs all night. Well, maybe not everyone. The true fans will know.

how to lose a guy in 10 days

Who watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 days and didn’t dream of having their Kate Hudson moment in a beautiful yellow dress? That’s right, the answer is no one. Halloween is the perfect night to make this fantasy become a reality. Pair the dress with your own “Isadora” and wait for the perfect moment to recreate the iconic karaoke scene with your own Benny Boo… or a stranger. A stranger works too.

miss congeniality

A pink dress, a thigh holster, a DIY sash, a tiara, and some handcuffs for good measure. This is the simple recipe to becoming Gracie Lou Freebush. You will be fully equipped to go undercover and look hot while doing it!

the princess diaries

You? A princess? Shut up! Halloween is the perfect night to become royalty Mia Thermopolis. You can even have a makeover sequence as well. You will become a walking icon yourself if you rock this look for this holiday. Bonus points if you have some great music laying in your headphones all night.

legally blonde

Choosing my favorite look of Elle Woods’ was definitely harder than getting into Harvard, and I think the icon herself would agree. Miss Woods has tons of looks that are worthy of recreation. In honor of Halloween, I chose to give the spotlight to her perfect pink bunny costume. This sexy costume is guaranteed to turn heads, something Harvard’s favorite blonde is never afraid to do.


One of if not the most classic rom-com costumes of all time. If you want everyone to immediately recognize you as the fashion queen, Cher Horowitz, this costume is the one. Flaunt the look, but try your best to resist playing TOO much matchmaker for the night. Oh! Don’t forget the knee high socks. Cher wouldn’t be caught leaving the house in this outfit without them.

Azlyn LaFollette is currently a Junior at Ohio University majoring in English- Literature, Writing, & Culture, and minoring in Communication Studies. Along with being a writer for HCOU, Azlyn is an Executive Board Member of the The National English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Azlyn loves to spend her free time attending concerts and reading romance novels.