A Guide To Your Best Valentine's Day Single: While Single

As you enter the month of February, there are two major things you are more than likely thinking about. How many more weeks you must get through until spring break and Valentine’s Day. It’s become synonymous with the idea of true love (and somehow, a Cherub shooting arrows all day to make people fall in love). In high school you probably experienced something such as a secret admirer, or maybe you got roses and chocolates and love letters. But if you were anything like me, then Valentine’s Day was probably among your least favorite days. Having to see other people with gifts from their significant other and watching the excitement on their face as they receive them can make you feel left out to say the least. But as I got older, I realized how silly it is to create so much pity for one random day. The fact of the matter is Valentine’s Day is not just about having a romantic relationship, but about treasuring all the amazing relationships you have in your life. There are so many rewards of being single (but that’s for another post) and it’s about time for you to embrace them. Here are a few things you can do to experience your best Valentine’s Day ever while being single. 

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BEWARE: These tips only reach their full potential when you acknowledge and embrace the value and power that comes with being single. Like the adage, you must truly believe in something before you can see the final results. 

1) Put your energy into an activity-

Maybe you always wanted to learn yoga. Head over to ping and take a class. Valentine’s Day is the day to do this. It’s a great way to keep you distracted, but also energized and rejuvenated for the rest of the day. 

2) Become cupid for the day-

Studies shows that humans naturally feel a sense of gratification after giving joy to others (unless you’re a complete sadist, which I highly doubt because you’re reading this article). Why not buy your friends gifts? Or even a random person? I’m not saying you should give a random person a box of chocolates with a card entitled “I love you beyond words”, but how about buying them a coffee in the Starbucks line? You would make their day and inspire them to do something positive for someone else. 

3) Indulge yourself-

While you’re in that Starbucks line don’t forget to get yourself that chocolate muffin you’ve been craving since the beginning of the semester. This is the time where you can get away with eating a box of chocolate and not feel guilty. #treatyoself

4 )Take a long bath-

If you don’t live in the dorms, then this was made for you. When’s the last time you took a long bubble bath? With all the pressures of daily life, I’m assuming it was a very long time ago. This is the perfect time to get a glass of wine and soak in the bath while you read a book. You will feel refreshed and ready for everything the day brings. 

5) Have a sleepover-

When I say this, I mean an old-fashioned girls-only sleepover. More than likely, you are not your only single friend. Grab them and have a girl’s night in. Catch up on the latest episode of Black Mirror and create crazy Snapchat stories to laugh about later. After all, contrary to what you believe, you won’t be single forever (unless you want to), so why not enjoy it now? 

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