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Griffin’s Back on Bravo

Some love her, some hate her, but she’s back with a completely new spin on the late night talk show. Kathy Griffin is known for her controversial jokes towards celebrities and religion and she’s bringing them to her new Bravo talk show, “Kathy.”

“Kathy” created this new idea of bringing real pop culture fans as guests to chat with Griffin about the latest headlines. She is keeping celebrity guests away to be able to bash the industry freely, without insulting guests or their friends directly. This allows the “real” guests to talk openly about how they feel. After the first show, there was an easy flow to the conversation; it was like gossiping about TV shows with a group of girlfriends.

Griffin allows guests to have their time to talk, and doesn’t hog airtime. She did a great job moderating the show and keeping the topics flowing. She performs a monologue at the beginning, which resembles her stand-­?up routines, and of course, the beloved Maggie Griffin makes her appearance and Griffin chats with her in the later portion of the show.

If you liked Griffin’s reality show “My Life on the D-­?List” or her stand-­?up comedy routines, you’ll love seeing her mix of the two, touching on some personal topics and jokes aimed towards the entertainment industry. If you’re not already a fan, don’t discount it from your TV line up, because the standup and personal shenanigans don’t go overboard.

Also, don’t be turned off by the “Kathy” theme song, performed and she jokingly added, “enhanced with auto tune” by Griffin herself. After hearing it over and over again, I was singing along to it the rest of the night.

All in all “Kathy” is a great balance of Griffin. Her usual personality comes out and then is restrained with the structure of the show’s setup. If you weren’t a Griffin fan before this, could certainly change your mind.

Catch “Kathy” every Thursday at 10 on Bravo

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