Ghost Experiences At Ohio University

Besides being a well-known party school, Ohio University is also known for being one of the most haunted campuses in the United States. Some would even say Ohio University is the number one most haunted college campus. Ohio University has gained its haunted reputation from a combination of being built in 1804, the Ridges, various cemeteries, Wilson Hall and other urban legends. For more detail on the spooky facts and legends surrounding Ohio University, check out my previous article Haunted Ohio University.

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However, there are still many people who are skeptical when it comes to believing that OU is actually haunted. Whether you believe or not, here are some personal experiences from some OU students:

“Freshman year I transferred dorms into Hoover and when I moved in the first night there I had a super vivid dream about a kid that hung himself. I didn’t tell anyone, and then later that week some of my mod mates were telling me that a kid had hung himself in the stairway right by my door either a year or two before. I brushed it off, and the year went on. Fast forward to end of spring semester, I’m finishing up a group project I spent all semester working on and the project was about turning McDavis’s old house on campus into a ‘well being center,’ and creating an awareness program about depression and anxiety similar to Alcohol edu. I was getting my hair cut the morning of my presentation and was explaining to my hair dresser the project I was completing, and she mentioned that her nephew would have really benefited from that program because her nephew is the one who found the kid who hung himself in Hoover a few years ago.”


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“I used to live in the Alpha Gamma Delta house and Nez was our house mom during my sophomore year. Nez had this cookbook she LOVED and always used. She kept it in the kitchen. One day, she couldn't find it. She looked all over the AGD house, went to her home which was 30 minutes away and still couldn't find it. She thought she just misplaced it. A while later, a man came to work on the house. He had to go up into the attic. When he got up there, he found her cookbook. She knew it was the AGD ghost because only she knew where her cookbook was. This was all in the summer and she was the only one here. Also, when I lived in the house, I would always sleep with my back to the wall and my bed was against the wall. All junior year, I would feel sharp pokes between my right shoulder blade and my spine. Obviously it wasn't one of my roommates, because my back was to the wall.”


“I lived in ‘dirty south’ my freshman year, in a very old dorm on the fourth floor. The fourth floor was the top floor, not including the attic, but no one lived in the attic and the door was locked. Throughout the year when I would be sleeping, I would get woken up around 2 a.m. to noise coming from the attic. It would sound like someone was scooting a chair across the floor in the middle of the night. I don’t know what it was, but it definitely freaked me out.”


“One day me and my boyfriend were at the Ridges, and we glanced into one of the windows of the building and saw a Ouija Board laying on the ground.”


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