Four Ways to Get More Involved as a Freshman

Freshmen may feel like they have wasted time in finding what they love to do on campus. While halfway through the semester may feel too late to get involved, just know it is never too late to get out there as a new student. Here are four easy ways to connect with your new campus:

1. Join clubs at any time

The involvement fair at the beginning of the semester was an excellent way for students to find out about different clubs, sororities and sports. If you are anything like me, you signed up for just about everything there was to offer. Within the flood of emails, activities you may have really wanted to join easily could have been missed. Most clubs can be joined at any point of the academic year and would love to have your involvement. Through the “Student Organization’s” page on the Ohio University website, you can look up over 500 organizations to join. This is also a great way to find groups focused around your major. 

2. Talk to upperclassmen

These are the perfect people to look up to and help guide you through your college experience. Most upperclassmen will be willing to help and give you advice about campus, courses or even their favorite place to eat on Court Street. Be open to talking to those who may be in organizations with you, or even your RA, about any questions you might have. Do not be afraid to speak up and start a conversation.

(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

3. Introduce yourself to those you live with

While it may seem simple, you need to talk to those who live in your building. Introduce yourself to those living on your floor or even other floors to get to know who you are living with. It is a great way to meet other freshmen who are going through similar experiences. This can easily be done by hanging out in the lobby or study lounge in your dorm. You can even simply write your contact information on someone’s dry erase board if they have one hanging on their door.

(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

4. Leave your dorm and explore campus

Take your new friends you met in your dorm and leave. Get out and explore the hidden gems that OU’s campus has to offer. This can be going to dining halls together or finding new spots to get your studying done. Getting out of the dorm is a key to having a successful year and will push you to “get out there” and involved on campus.

These are only a few ways to get involved on campus, but you might as well start somewhere!