Finals Week Weather

Finals week is in full swing and so is Mother Nature! 


High of 45 and low of 29 with 90% chance of rain. 

Be sure to break out your rain boots, rain jacket, and umbrella! Layer up because the rain makes it feel coler than it really is. Avoid getting sick for the rest of Finals Week!


High of 43 and low of 29 with 10% chance of precipitation and partly cloudy.

Hopefully we will see some sun to brighten the dull days of the week. Keep pushing through, Bobcats! We're halfway done!


High of 36 and a low of 20 with 10% chance of precipitation. We'll see some sun in the afternoon!

Bundle up, Bobcats! It's going to be chilly! Grab a hot cocoa in your sweat pants and keep studying!


Partly cloudy skies with a high of 32 and low of 18 with no chance of precipitaion.

You've made it! This is the coldest day of the week, but you are officially done with fall semester!

Safe travels home and we'll see you in January!

Weather is subject to change. Weather forecast brought to you by as of 12/6/2016 at 1PM.