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Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Valentine’s Day Week

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to showing your love and appreciation for your significant other. But for many, it may be a day filled with resentment towards others in relationships. Don’t get me wrong, there is enjoyment in hyping your friends relationships up but when your left at home alone with nothing to do, it can get lonely. You can join the rest of us singles by watching your favorite romance movie with a box of chocolates (and possibly wine) at your side but there may be an unexpected upside to spending Valentine’s Day alone. Anti-Valentine’s Day Week starts on February 15th and ends on the 21st. Screw having one day for couples when you can have a whole week dedicated wreaking havoc on your toxic ex and loving yourself.

To kick off Anti-Valentine’s Day, February 15th is dedicated to slapping. Being coined as “slap day,” this day is especially important for those who need to let go of that one toxic ex. There’s always that one ex that doesn’t seem to take the hints you throw at them, therefore use slap day to your advantage! Obviously you should never resort to physical violence in order to get your point across so try to not take this day literally. You can figuratively smack the lingering feelings you may be having for your ex out of your head.

Now you may be thinking, what could beat slap day? February 16th might just do it because the second day of Anti-Valentine’s Day is “kick day.” This day is perfect for kicking all of your ex’s stuff out of your life. Another way to use this day to your advantage is by dedicating the day to kicking all of the negativity out of your life that your ex may left. If you really want to use the day to its full advantage, you can quite literally kick your bestie for spamming her stories with sappy Valentine’s Day posts.

Once all the physical harm is done, you can celebrate the third and sweetest day; perfume day. This day may to be as exciting as the ones before it but rest assured, this day is all about releasing that built up tension and treating yourself to a nice smelling perfume. Finding the perfect perfume can leave a lasting impression on those you meet so take advantage of this day by finding the best one for you!

February 18th is the fourth day in the Anti-Valentine’s Day saga is flirting day. Once you have gotten all your anger out and have purchased your favorite perfume, use this day to push the new and improved you outside of your comfort zone! Go after someone you’ve been interested in or dedicate this day to using those pick up lines you’ve been saving for a special occasion. If you are awkward and shy that’s okay, use this day as a way of practicing feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

February 20th, the second to last day of this empowering week, is dedicated to missing people that were once in your life. Coined “missing day,” this day gives people the chance to reflect on those that were once in their lives. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to talk to that one person in your life, then this is it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those you once were close with and let them know you still care about them. It’s never too late to mend a relationship or even friendship with someone, you just have to be willing to be vulnerable with them and admit where you may have went wrong.

February 21st is the last day of Anti-Valentine’s Day Week, therefore we have to end the week with a impression. This day is officially titled “break up day,” and was specifically created for those who may be needing to cut it off with their significant other. Obviously you don’t have to wait for this specific day to get out of a bad or toxic relationship but if you need a little push, this is it. Use this day to appreciate yourself and discover what you deserve in life and evaluate if your significant other is giving what you deserve.

Use this week to your advantage by treating yourself and appreciating those in your life who treat you well and love you unconditionally. Just because you’re single it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate something this week, celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day Week and make the best of the holiday.

Emily Squance is a sophomore at Ohio University studying communications in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She is an active member of Variant Magazine and Active Minds. She likes to spend her time outside hiking with friends and listening to a broad range of music. Her words to live by are "treat people with kindness and compassion." : )
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