An Easy Way To Inspire Others

Recently I have been adding a quote to my Instagram story five days a week. I was inspired to do this by someone I follow named Izzy, who is engaged with the youngest son from the show ‘Little People Big World.’ I have a passion for traveling and love to explore even though I do not have the money. Izzy posted a quote that was along the lines of saying that one should travel often because the money will return. I then posted the quote to my story and of course, gave her credit. I didn’t think too much of it, but two different people told me they were inspired by the quote and decided to book a spontaneous trip.

It made me feel amazing knowing that I inspired them simply because I shared what inspired me. Ever since then, I have been posting quotes during the week and have received a lot of positive feedback. It’s honestly become a habit of mine. Plus it’s not hard to do; I simply look on Pinterest for quotes regarding whatever mood I am in and find the one that is most relevant to me at the moment. It’s so easy and carries so much meaning along with personal satisfaction! I challenge you to make someone’s day, doesn’t have to be big; it can be small. Inspiring others, inspires me.