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Don’t Sleep On Madelaine Petsch

Some of you might know her by the name Cheryl Blossom. She stars in the CW Television series, ‘Riverdale.’ If you don’t watch the series, you should. She also is currently dating rapper Travis Mills. The two are quickly becoming the new cutest couple. But, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t sleep on her, shall we?


Her style

    No matter what she is wearing, Madelaine kills it, in real life and in the show.

Sense of humor

    I mean, have you seen her Instagram captions? I don’t know how she comes up with such good captions. That is a skill not many people can master.


Queen of sass

    Her one-liners on the show are ridiculously sassy and I am living for it.



    Talk about brutally honest! She has it down.



    I mean hey, if you got it, flaunt it.

Lips & hair

    Who has that long of hair with the perfect color? Her lips are so full and luscious too!

(Images courtesy of Google, Pinterest &  Madelaine Petsch’s Instagram)


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