DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

November is finally here, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! With the holidays coming up, you may need some inspiration for decorations. Here are some inexpensive DIY ideas that can spruce up your home:  

1. Pumpkin Centerpieces: you can get a glass tumbler almost anywhere. Get some small pumpkins at your local craft store and bam, a cute centerpiece is made.

2. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you can do pumpkin place cards! Start with some ribbon and a small pumpkin. Then write the name of the person on the ribbon, tie it around the stem and place the pumpkin on the plate.

3. If you don’t want to use pumpkins, use pine cones instead!

4. Cranberry candle holders: make a simple candle into a festive one!

5. If you aren’t for the cranberry look, you can use popcorn kernels instead and tie a straw string around the glass.

6. Are you a wine drinker? Make a wine cork pumpkin!

7. Pumpkin tic-tac-toe: reuse your small pumpkins as tic tac toe pieces! If you paint them, it makes for a cute decoration.

8. Get some fall colored napkins to wrap your silverware in. You can reuse the straw string from the candle holder to tie it.

9. Make a leaf bowl! This can hold just about anything. 

10. Place acorns- colored or not- in about anything to make a cute Thanksgiving decoration. 

11. Light-up leaf garland: Get some fall leaves from the store, attach them to some lights and place them anywhere in your home.

12. Burlap table runners: You can use ribbon to tie bows onto the ends of the burlap to add more of a festive look. 

13. Wooden Thanksgiving sign: Grab a piece of wood and paint on any Thanksgiving saying.

14. Colored mason jars: You can do almost anything with these! Add some flowers and string to make a cute look for anywhere in your home.

15. Make a thankful photo board to put up in your home. 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start decorating your home for the holiday season. I hope you got some inspiration from these ideas!

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest)