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We have been blessed by the musical heavens with Ed Sheeran’s third album, Divide. This album is a story that takes your heart on an emotional rollercoaster while dancing through Irish Pubs in Galway. Sheeran has convinced me that I am a Galway girl. I can’t play the fiddle but I might be able to beat him at pool.

Divide was released March 3and is a 59 minute masterpiece. This date fell in line with my spring break that started March 4. On spring break, I drove the scenic byway through the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my best friend. It was the ultimate road-trip along the coast and the perfect opportunity to obsess over Divide. It’s safe to say by the time spring break was over, we knew every word.

The first time I saw Sheeran in concert I was 17 and a junior in high school. His Plus album had just been released. It was incredible show. Sheeran performs using a loop pedal, which requires pure talent to play. Now I am in my junior year of college. I’m sure you can imagine the nostalgia I am experiencing.

Sheeran gives us a glimpse into his personal life in the song Nancy Mulligan. This is a song written about his grandparent’s love story. He also gave us 2017’s wedding song, Perfect, along with the heart breaker, Happier. The innocence of How Would You Feel takes us all back to a previous relationship and reminds us of the sweetness in love. Galway Girl, Shape of You, What Do I Know, Barcelona and Bibia Be Ye Ye will make you want to dance around. And lastly, let’s all take a minute to appreciate New Man. If it’s not already, this should be your new favorite song. Don’t mess with Ed’s heart or he will call you out. The savagery in this song should be admired.

2017 is the year of Ed.

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Katie McDonough is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and is currently undecided about her major. She's a fitness junkie from downtown Chicago who spends much of her time reading blogs. She is a soon to be brother of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and is studying to become an ACE personal trainer and/or group fitness instructor. Some of her favorite things include TurboKick, dancing, pizza, her golden retriever Buddy, reading blogs, and watching trashy tv with her roomie!
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