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Dave Baxter & Avery Pantaleano

Dave Baxter and Avery Pantaleano, better known as Davery, are two 20-year-old guys with outgoing personalities and a love for the outdoors. They have known each other ever since they played football together in high school in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, and have been inseparable ever since.

Her Campus Ohio U: Relationship status?

Davery: Single and ready to mingle.


HCOU:  Majors?

Dave: Organizational communication and also sales.

Avery: Currently mechanical engineering but switching to engineering technology management.


HCOU: Campus Involvement?

Davery: Co-presidents of hovercraft club & Snowcat members

Dave: Power/Gamma peer health educators


HCOU:  What are your hobbies?

Davery: Hike, ski, and anything in nature.


HCOU: Favorite sport?

Davery: Snow sports.


HCOU:  Favorite TV show?

Avery: Game of Thrones

Dave: Scandal


HCOU:  Turn Ons?

Davery: Intelligent, good personality, and just be a good person. 

Avery: Nice eyes.

Dave: Likes feminists (as long as they are empowered).


HCOU: Turn offs?

Davery: Rude people, ignorant, mean or classless.


HCOU: Ideal date?

Davery: A double date, of course!

Avery: A nice hike through the woods, dinner at a respectful restaurant, not too fancy, and finish sitting by the fire with a bottle of wine.

Dave: I would cook them dinner (start with salad and homemade rolls, from scratch, no tube stuff) make “chicken that fancies itself,” bake cookies together, and watch a movie preferably a good classic like The Breakfast Club or anything with Robin Williams. (Bless his soul).


HCOU:  Favorite spot in Athens?

Avery: Witches Hill

Dave: Top of Bong Hill with a nice view and a campfire.


HCOU: Favorite food?

Davery: Chinese takeout.


HCOU:  Interesting fact?

Dave: I’m a godfather. “I’m no biology major, but I’m pretty sure he got his good looks from me.” Also, I was homeschooled until high school and in two more classes I will be a licensed relator.

Avery: I got hit playing backyard football and have little-to-no sensation on the left side of my face. I have a good plastic surgeon so you would never be able to tell.


HCOU: Favorite thing to do together?

Davery: Hike at Squires Castle back home.


Dave with his godson.


Dave and Avery in high school.

Sophomore Strategic Communication Major. Lover of athletics and nerding it up in marching band. #Marching110 World traveler and future PR specialist. Pretty decent at speaking Chinese. On my way to saving the world, one PR crisis at a time.
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