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Daniel Brown

Age: 18

Year at OU: Freshman

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Relationship status: Single

Major/minor: Communication studies

Campus involvement: Intramural soccer and basketball

What made you choose OU: The Scripps School of Communication! I heard how good it was.

What you look for in a girl: Smart, funny, and has a plan for the future.

What you’re looking forward to most this year: Meeting new friends and getting good grades.

Favorite Uptown food: Chicken N Waffle, “Uptown Grill”

Favorite quote: “Limits, like fear, is often an illusion.” – Michael Jordan

What makes you, you: I’m not afraid of other people thinking I’m weird so I will be myself all the time.

Twitter name: @LeRoyVuitton

Instagram: @danielbrown1996

Ohio University 2017 Alumna Communication Studies major | Business minor | Social Media certificate Qnary | Client Success Manager Some Good Wine | Event and Marketing Director Delta Zeta Alumna | Public Relations Advisor Her Campus | Chapter Advisor and past Campus Correspondent PRSSA | Mentor Living my best life in NYC.
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