Cruelty Free Makeup Brands You Need to be Supporting (Drugstore and High-End)

The fact that companies are still testing their products on animals in 2019 is absolutely barbaric. There is virtually no reason that cosmetic companies, or any company for that matter, needs to be testing harsh chemicals on poor and fearful animals with the technology and knowledge that we have today.

No matter how uncomfortable it makes you, you need to be aware of the torture you are directly paying brands to perform on laboratory animals. Half a million animals are used for testing cosmetics every year. These animals include but are not limited to rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and in some cases, cats and dogs. These helpless animals are subject to a life of terrible living conditions, slow and painful torture, and are all ultimately killed in the laboratory. If this is news to you, it’s never too late to switch to cruelty-free products. Many of your favorite beauty brands may already be cruelty-free! Here are some of my tried and true favorites — both drugstore and high-end!

1. E.l.f Cosmetics

This brand is one of the cheapest options at the drugstore, and also one of the highest quality. I highly recommend e.l.f for their makeup and skincare products. Many gurus rave about their full coverage 16 Hour Camo Concealer, Acne Fighting Foundation, various lipstick products, eyeshadow palettes, and more.

2. Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild has been one of my all-time holy grail brands for years now. In addition, they have never tested their products on animals! I have been using their Photo Focus Foundation religiously for the past year — and it hasn’t failed me yet. (My makeup-fanatic sister is so in love with this product that she keeps a backup of her summer and winter shades in her collection at all times.) This brand is also mind-bogglingly affordable with most of their products retailing for less than 10 dollars.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Yes, this iconic brand is cruelty-free! If you’re looking for a more high-end cruelty-free brand, you need to be shopping this brand. Anastasia has released some of the most revolutionary makeup products in recent makeup history. From their brow-defining products like the DipBrow Pomade and Brow Wiz Pencil to their flawless and long lasting liquid lipstick to their life-changing eyeshadow palettes, you’re bound to find some holy grail products in their lineup. I personally have a vast collection of Anastasia products — I can vow that these products will live up to the hype.

4. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

All of Jeffree’s products are truly iconic, and not tested on animals. From everyone’s favorite Velour Liquid Lipsticks to his fantastic eyeshadow palettes and highlighters, you will not be disappointed in this brand. You’ll look good and be guilt-free about where your money is going!