Creative Ways To Spend Time With Family

We look forward to the holidays all year long. There’s nothing better than sitting down in the living room and munching on some home cooked food while watching TV and laughing with your family. There are some things your family probably does every year and that’s not going to stop anytime soon. But during the long, winter break it’s possible to find time to try new, different things with the people you love. So, here are a few things you can do with your family to make the holidays more memorable.

  • Go ice skating

If you have a family that is active and enjoys being outdoors, ice skating is the perfect way to spend a day together. You can all start your day with a hearty brunch at home (ice skating needs a lot of energy) and then drive over to find some ice. End in the evening by coming back home and enjoying some hot chocolate together.

  • Try fishing

On the other hand, if your family members enjoy activities that don’t require too much movement, then go fishing. Although winter is coming (sorry) there are still several spots where you can go fishing. Head over to your local Walmart to buy some fishing supplies and then go to a river or lake nearby. Especially, if you have grandparents, this activity is great for bonding with them without needing them to move around a lot.

  • Head to an arcade

During Christmas, you probably will be spending a lot of time with your extended family and also your cousins. If you want to spend time with people close to your age without resorting to video games, head over to a local arcade and try competing in the games. It might sound like a fun activity for toddlers but trust me, losing to the claw machine is just as heartbreaking when you’re an adult.

  • Find a retro diner

There are several old-fashioned retro diners scattered around the country and they also tend to have the tastiest, classic American food. If you want to spend some time talking to your parents but don’t want to do the usual, boring dinner– go to one of these diners. A lot of them are long-standing, local business with great dishes to offer. Also, you don’t want to miss the chance of having your Instagram look like an episode of “Riverdale”.