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Concert Review: B.o.B. Doesn’t Earn Any “Haterz” In Athens

There are a few ways to describe the atmosphere in the Convocation Center May 20 as Far East Movement, and later B.o.B., took center stage to deliver a memorable performance in Athens. It was crowded. It was hot. It was loud.
Overall, the atmosphere was completely Athens. 
As ticket holders filed into the Convo, they were greeted with the sounds of Dave Rave providing mixes that worked to get concertgoers swaying and dancing to the deep bass and steady beats. This entrance music was a nice alternative to the generally bland stereo music normally played at venues while seats are being filled.
After a half hour set from Dave Rave, the Convo lights dimmed and concertgoers flooded the area in front of the stage, creating a swarm of dancing bodies as Far East Movement took the stage in their signature, high-energy fashion. With all of the jumping and energetic movements that go along with one of this group’s performances, Far East Movement could make even the most sugar-infused three year old tired. 
After performing crowd favorites such as “Like A G6” and “Rocketeer,” Far East Movement exited the stage and thus began the seemingly endless wait for the entrance of B.o.B. Concertgoers broke up the wait by taking pictures with friends, chanting their excitement for the concert headliner, and even starting a massive wave across the upper levels of the Convo’s seating.
But when the house lights dimmed for the second time Friday evening, the crowd’s attention became solely focused on the stage and noise levels reached a deafening level as B.o.B. made his much-awaited entrance. 
Among the first songs performed were favorites “Haterz Everywhere” and “Beast Mode,” both of which got the crowd raising their hands in the air and bouncing steadily to the beat pumping through the speakers. This ability to keep the crowd dancing and excited, along with B.o.B.’s constant crowd interaction, really made the concert a great and entertaining time.
But many people in attendance agree that it was not the dancing or beats that pushed the May 20 concert into the history books at Ohio University.  To many, it was the little moments like the music cutting out and the voices of concertgoers belting out the chorus to “Airplanes” and “Beautiful Girls,” or B.o.B. inviting a small group of students on stage with him to show off their dance moves, that really gave the evening an edge over all others.
Personally, my favorite moment occurred during the performance of “Satellite” when B.o.B. requested that the Convo lights be turned off, and the mass of swaying bodies’ pull out their cell phones. The effect created a faux night sky inside the building that made a wonderful backdrop for the song. 
For more information on B.o.B. and Far East Movement, you can visit their respective websites at http://www.bobatl.com/ and http://www.fareastmovement.com/ .


Photos by Kaitlynn Grady

Holly Storrow is a junior magazine journalism major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University with a specialization in Political Science and English. Along with being a contributing writer and design team member for the OU branch of Her Campus, Holly enjoys swing dancing with the Jitterbug Club and watching way too many television shows with her roommate/best friend. Back home in Wellington, Ohio, Holly works at a gas station as a cashier and enjoys conversing with all of the local people in her small town. Reading and writing are two of Holly's passions in life, and she cannot wait to incorporate these things into her future career.
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