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Circus, A Poem by Maddie Walker

I put on the show

Put the sparkly red coat and held the big staff in my hand

Paraded around 

Tons of eyes twinkling at me, looking at me from the crowd

Almost like little stars in the dark sky

Tricks and flips galore

I wowed them, until they couldn’t believe it no more

And in the end,

They threw their bouquets at the person with the whips

Not me, the one who ran the show

I was a clown who turned that smile upside down

Only in the private circus tent I had

Because during the show, I paraded the winner even more

Beloved they are, they have been here so long

My smile faded away as soon as they were gone

I wiped off the show paint, took off the suit

Looked in my mirror and felt like a failure

I spend my nights gazing at the stars above

Asking myself what I could have of done

To be better

To win their affection and love

Nothing will change it, not even my sparkly new gloves

So as I lie in my bed

I took off the day and stayed numb from the pain I felt that very night

Because tomorrow, I had to do it again

Wake up and put on the costume

Perform the worlds wonder

Not be the chosen one

But that’s okay, because all is said and done

Hi! I am Maddie and I am from Kent. I love crystals, plants, music, and I am really into chakra cleansing. I hike and do yoga during my free time! My major is music education and my dream job is to be a high school band director.
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