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Celeb Trends for Every Occasion

We all know celebrities influence what fashion styles and beauty trends are featured in
gossip magazines, and those looks inevitably become the trends for the rest of their fans.
After scouring gossip, fashion and beauty magazines I noticed three reoccurring trends
this season: nail art, statement collars and monochromatic dressing.

Celebrities go all out with their nail art. Zooey Deschanel likes occasions to dress up her
nails and flaunted mini tuxedos at the Golden Globes and little typewriters for the Writers
Guild. Katy Perry is decal obsessed and matches occasions with loveable pictures. She
wore smurf-tastic decals to the Smurf movie premier, oopma loompas to her birthday

bash and pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William on the day of the royal wedding.
Other celebs like Lady Gaga, Demi Lavato and Beyonce wear gold or gray nails filed to a
point in a talon shape. Black Lively applied actual lace to her freshly painted nails, and
Rhianna wore a little bit of everything on hers, leopard print, jewel-encrusted and bows.

The new must-have accessory, the collar, has been popping up all over Hollywood and
features three prominent styles, detachable, peter pan and choker. Detachable collars are
being seen more and more often.

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman
posed together in W magazine wearing them in halter dresses while Willow Smith wore one with a funky print adorned with jewels to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Emma Watson looked prim and proper in a tan dress with a white peter pan collar and Hailee Steinfield kicked up the glamour wearing the peter pan style with intricate beading. Chloe Moretz and Emmy Rossum, know how to rock the collar choker necklace, which is a thin piece of material that wraps around the neck, as apposed to the chest. Take a cue from these
trendsetters and give the jewels a break tonight. Trying one of these collars will give your
style an extra boost and keep you right on trend.

Monochromatic ensembles were seen on the latest runways, and are now being worn by
celebrities like Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Hilary Rhoda, Blake Lively, Pippa Middleton,
Cameron Diaz and Kate Bosworth. These style stars are getting more creative in their
color choices by only choosing one.

Color blocking and piling on the pastels and flowery prints are still suitable for spring, but this season introduced monochromatic as thenewest and most creative trend to accomplish. Monochromatic looks feature one color from head to toe. Celebrities have been sporting every color under the rainbow, so go for the bright, pastel or neutral colors. Keep to one throughout your outfit and you’ll emulate your favorite stars.

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