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Brooklynn Kramer: COMS 1030 Intern

Brooklynn interned with the Scripps College of Communication, School of Communication Studies this semester, where she successfully put on the COMS 1030 Speech Competition. Starting in mid-Februrary, Brooklynn began planning the competition, which took place on March 27, and will have a paper due at the end of the semester about everything she’s accomplished thus far.

How did you land your internship?

I received a mass email from the Scripps College of Communication and thought it fit me, so I applied!

What all did you do to prepare for the COMS 1030 Speech Competition?

I basically planned the event. How it ran was up to me. I was in contact with many local businesses, colleges, offices, and individuals looking for donations and help. I organized the contestant lineup, judges, prizes, and the performance by the Leading Tones.

What project will you be working on next?

I am searching for an internship in Communication Studies, so hopefully I find one!

How can students prepare or get involved for next year’s speech competition?

To prepare, take COMS 1030 in the fall and be the best at what you do. That’s how the contestants are chosen. To get involved, follow the Communication Week events and attend!

How many participants were in this year’s competition?

There were 4 participants, each giving unique speeches.

Who won? Were there prizes?

Hannah L., with a speech on why you should drink tap water, won the contest. The prizes for contestants were OU swag bags with Visa gift cards ranging $25-100. The audience had raffle prizes such as Brenen’s and Casa Nueva gift cards and OU goodies.

Anything else you want readers to know about the competition?

If you have the chance to apply next year, do it. I received such high praise from the Communication Studies department and I couldn’t be more happy with myself. If they continue the event how I made it, you should definitely attend because there is a chance for fun performances and crowd prizes. Yay free stuff!


Follow Brooklynn on Twitter @VivaLaBrooklynn!

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