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Brian Grady

Brian Grady
Year: Sophomore
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Relationship Status: Taken
Hobbies: I write the news, sing and produce documentaries and promotional videos, all while making some extra cash as an RA in Sargent Hall. With classes and organizations, there’s not much else I have time for. I hang out with the girlfriend in the wee hours of the night (like 1-2 a.m.). It’s all scheduled. I’m no fun.
Favorite Spot in Athens: The Radio Television Building is where I spend all my time. My favorite spot though has to be the Old Man’s Cave Campground. I camped out there in 10 degree weather once.
Favorite thing about OU: The opportunities to learn and excel in journalism and entrepreneurship. It’s a low-risk location to launch business prototypes and stir up drama in news without causing too much damage.
Where You’ll Be in 5 Years: I will start my own business in video production. I am a producer. I call the shots. You give me a script, and I’ll tear it apart, insisting on excellence. We will create new video products, storytelling for new and changing businesses. I’ll have five new video technologies out on the market, and will be making commercials for hovering cars.
Fun Fact: I believe in abstinence until marriage, and I refuse to drink za booze until I graduate from Ohio University in 2012. I’m straight-edged, legal and loving it.

Taylor is a graduate of Ohio University and former Co-Editor of Her Campus' OU branch. She would like to eventually work in the publishing industry with hopes of living in New York, San Francisco or Seattle. In her free time, Taylor enjoys reading, volunteering, or hitting up the most hipster joints in town.
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