Brenna Innocenzi: ARD (Assistant Resident Director)

Brenna Innocenzi is a senior at Ohio University, studying Exercise Physiology with a minor in Business and Biology. She is also the ARD (Assistant Resident Director) in Adams Hall!

1. Q: How long have you been involved in RA life?     A: This is my second year in resident and housing life.

2. Q: What made you want to join?     A: I wanted to join because I loved helping people in the tutoring center, and decided I wanted to help people with more than just academics. I also didn't have the money to pay for off campus housing and wanted to get a job that could help pay for my housing.

3. Q: What’s your favorite part?     A: My favorite part is when I realize that I had an effect on someone. Once, a resident bought me food to thank me for something that was little to me but big to them.  

4. Q: What’s your least favorite part and how do you deal with that? A: The worst part is when you have to confront a resident for disciplinary actions. I try to tell my residents to be smart and not put time in that situation because no one likes to get people in trouble.

5. Q: What advice would you give to an incoming ARD/RA?     A: Get to know your staff and really bond. They'll become your best friends, and tend to be the nicest and most helpful people on campus.

Thanks for chatting with us, Brenna! You can catch her occasionally singing karaoke at Donkey Coffee (she rocks!)