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Oh, the New Year has come and gone too fast. Not sure about everyone else, but my year is not looking much different compared to 2020. We are still stuck inside with limited socializing, and many are working from home. Working from home is a blessing but staring at my laptop all day eats up my creative juices. If you are like me, trying new things or stumbling upon a new location was the norm…pre-pandemic. Don’t worry! Even with limited options, there are plenty of new things to try. 

Bake and Cook Like It Were Reality-TV

This seems like a no-brainer since you already cook every day, but make it more interesting! Is there a new recipe you have been wanting to try? What about food you frequently crave but have to buy from the store? Make your own version that might turn out more delicious or less expensive. These are also great ideas if you have a day off or friends to join! My recent attempt at a new recipe was baked french fries. I also like to spruce up boxed cupcakes with mix-ins or garnishes. 


Baked French Fries: 


Become a Plant Parent

Take a trip to your nearest HomeDepot or Walmart, grab a plant, and take it home. Now that you have been tricked into purchasing a plant, here comes the hard work. Research what kind of soil your plant needs, where the best light is in your house, if it’s a seasonal plant and all those little details. Reading up on your plant’s needs and taking care of it is guaranteed to burn some time! Like many others, you might find yourself with a few additional plants by the end of the month. Developing a green thumb takes time, so don’t be too hard on yourself if your first one doesn’t make it. 

Go Exploring

If you feel safe and have the means of travel, find a new spot in your city! There must be a fancy house you haven’t seen, or a beautiful nature path tucked away. This activity is always fun with friends and doesn’t cost much outside of food and gas. You can even drive to the nearest college campus and take advantage of the walking paths. When I get bored of my usual stomping grounds, I’ll google nature paths or hiking areas near me!

Dive Into Something Physical 

Is there a sport or exercise you have always wanted to try? For me, that’s learning how to salsa. YouTube is an endless and free resource for me to learn to dance. This is a great time to try something new, considering we all have spent more time at home. Some ideas could be yoga, dance cardio, air-boxing, martial arts, and anything under the sun. This year’s wave of exercise trends includes mediation, yoga, and weightlifting. Why not give one a try? 

Play All Types of Games

I don’t mean play games with your job or love-life. I mean literal games. I bet you haven’t learned Soduko, Poker, Rummy AND Mahjong. If you have a deck of cards, there are dozens of games, but stores also carry many options This task might require some friends, but it would be a great way to bond! Maybe avoid Monopoly or Uno while playing with roommates….

Check Off that Lingering Task

You know the one I’m talking about. I’m here to tell you that there’s no better time than the present! Not sure if you have a lingering task? For me, it’s clearing out the junk drawer, doing some spring cleaning, and cleaning up my photos. I’m sure there is something you’ve been putting off due to the busy holiday season and the start of this semester, but now is your time to catch up. 

Junior at Ohio University studying Management Information Systems and Business Analytics. Member of the Select Leaders Development Program in the College of Business. I enjoy using writing as a way to express my thoughts in an informal way and to help others with the little things in life.
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