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As someone who has spent a chunk of time on TikTok, I have been introduced to “BookTok.” BookTok is when you are videos on TikTok that recommend books that are currently popular. I immediately got sucked in and started to read many of the books that were recommended to me. 

Beach read & people we meet on vacation

The first book I read was recommended to me by a friend and that was a book called “Beach Read” by Emily Henry. Overall, I love this book and think that it is my newfound “comfort book.” If you enjoy the “enemy to lovers” trope then this is perfect for you! I enjoyed Emily Henry’s writing style and the way she writes makes her books enjoyable and easy to read. I also thought that the title of the book was genius. Who doesn’t want a book designed for you to read on the beach?  Overall, I love this book and would recommend it!

The second book I read was also by Emily Henry and is called “People We Meet on Vacation.” This book was also another book that was designed to be read by the beach or pool. In this book, I did believe their connection but I had a hard time connecting and relating to the characters. Though this is a great book if you were choosing between the Emily Henry books then I would recommend “Beach Read” over “People We Meet On Vacation.” 

Colleen hoover books

I also read some of the Colleen Hoover books. I read “Ugly Love”, “It Ends With Us,” and “November 9th.” All of the books were enjoyable to read! My least favorite is “Ugly Love” mainly because I felt like Mile’s character was only attracted to Tate and wasn’t in love with her. I felt like his heart was with another character and forever had been and will be.

I loved the ending of “It Ends With Us” there was a major plot twist in the book and honestly I had no idea where the book was going.

I also loved “November 9th” and think it is underrated. I typically like fast-paced books over slow burns and this book was perfect for that. The chemistry between the two characters was there and it was as if you could feel it through the book. Out of the 3 Colleen Hoover books I read, I highly recommend “November 9th” and “It Ends With Us.”

the 7 husbands of evelyn hugo

I just finished reading “The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor-Jenkins Reid. One element I like about this book is you are forced to create your own opinion of Evelyn Hugo. I can safely say that this book is not what I was expecting! With all of the events that happen in the book you truly believe that Evelyn Hugo was a real person.

Jacqueline is currently a sophomore at Ohio University. She is majoring in "Communication Studies" and minoring in "Marketing."
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