To Binge Or Not To Binge Shows


With shows released online in season format, it is easy to get carried away and binge watch an entire season or series in a short amount of time. Some are able to have self-control and limit how many episodes they watch in one sitting extending the lifespan of a show. While both are valid ways to watch a show, here are some arguments to either binge or savor episodes:


To Binge

1. Better understanding of the show and characters

Watching an entire season in one sitting allows for a better understanding of the characters as well as allows for the storyline to be followed easier. This also helps for connections between episodes to be made.

2. Can watch more shows

Finishing a season or show at a faster speed allows for more shows to be watched ultimately increasing the amount of content consumed and explored by viewers. This also allows the advancement in knowledge of more shows for different conversations or social media interactions.


3. Social event with friends

Watching a show as a marathon can be turned into a social event with friends or a significant other. This can be on the release date and turned into a party or months later as a spur of the moment get together. Binge watching a show does not always have to be spent alone in a dark room like it is often portrayed.


Not to Binge

1. Waste of an entire day

Instead of watching an episode a week or even a day, binge-watching an entire season in one day is a waste of that time that could be spent studying, cleaning or any other productive activity.

2. Withdrawals

Once the season or series is completed, the wait for a new season to be released or the annoyance of finding a new show sets in. There will be definite withdrawals from the completed show since it was finished so fast.


3. Go through shows too quickly

Upon completing a show, a new show is picked, binged and then the cycle repeats. There will reach a point where there are no shows that will be interesting or compelling and then the wait for a new show or season to come out starts.


While binge-watching a show might be what all the cool kids on the block are doing, it is not necessary to follow suit. Whether episodes are saved or speed through in marathon style, watch with caution and take some time to enjoy however a show is watched.


(All photos courtesy of Giphy)