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BFF vs. BF

Being in college, you may find it hard to balance time between the things that are most important to you. For most of us, it could be your BFF and your BF. Things can be a little tricky when someone is sweeping you off of your feet and someone else is keeping you grounded. I’m here with some suggestions to help you stay sane while balancing both of your closest relationships.


Although you should do what makes you happy, there’s one thing to consider first. If your best friend doesn’t like your guy (or vice versa) it could cause problems for you. No one likes being placed in uncomfortable situations, and this one sure can go downhill fast. Even if they don’t get along like they should, it’s a good idea to make sure they can be civil to each other.


If you’re going out with the girls, but know you’re going to end up staying over at your boyfriends, make sure you go all out when you’re with the girls. Although he may be the only thing on your mind, keep focused and have fun with the girls. At the end of the night, you and your best friend can go separate ways (hopefully with a few good memories to take with you)


Communication is key. As with any relationship, if there’s no communication, what is the point? Since you seem to be the middle-woman with these two relationships, it’s up to you to have open communication with both your best friend and your boyfriend. Have plans with your best friend next Saturday? Let your boyfriend know that you have plans that night, and that maybe you two should go out the Friday before. It’s all about compromise and communication. If you and your best friend are having a movie marathon, and your boyfriend wants to bring pizza over, it’s best not tell your best friend that he’ll be stopping over. Perhaps ask her in more of an inviting way. Instead of “ Hey, what’s his name is about to be here in 10,” try, “Hey, what’s his name offered to bring pizza for our movie marathon, what kind of toppings do you want?”

That way, it’s not so blunt and forcible that he’ll be joining you.


It can be tough, especially with school work, extra curricular activities and weekend plans but if you remember these tips to balance the relationship you have with your best friend and the one you have with your boyfriend, hopefully it’ll be one less stressor to worry about.

Junior Journalism major and Junior editor at Ohio University.
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